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Nagasaki is home to a large variety of convention venues catering to events of all sizes, from international conferences for more than 10,000 delegates to seminars for only a small number of participants. The city has experience in hosting many international conferences and gatherings and has built up a wealth of expertise. Some of the main venues the city has to offer are listed below.

Nagasaki Brick Hall

Nagasaki’s hub of culture and the arts that has been the scene of many impressive moments.
Functioning as a point of interaction for the city’s residents, Nagasaki Brick Hall is also a forum for sending out information and for international exchange.
Nagasaki Brick Hall is a full-scale cultural and information exchange facility where these two major functions intersect. By combining its core facilities, namely the Main Hall and the International Conference Hall, with the meeting rooms, special VIP rooms and lounge, highly flexible conventions can be arranged.

Main facilities Main Hall, International Conference Hall
Capacity of main facilities

Astopia, Nagasaki Shimbun Cultural Hall

Astopia is ideally located in the heart of Nagasaki City, next door to Nagasaki Brick Hall. It is suitable for large-scale lectures, conferences and meetings and exhibitions. It also offers catering facilities, making it suitable for parties and banquets.

Main facilities Shokaku Room
Capacity of main facilities