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Examples of Past Events

Some examples of major international conventions and conferences that have been held in Nagasaki

Asian Congress of Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization 2016 (ACSMO 2016)

Date May. 2016
Place Nagasaki Brick Hall
Attendance 250

Joint Conference APSPT2015/SPSM2015

Date Dec. 2015
Place Nagasaki University
Attendance 400

The 61st Pugwash Conference on Science and World Affairs

Date Nov. 2015
Place Nagasaki Onsen Yasuragi Ioujima
Attendance 190

International Conference on the Regeneration and Conservation of Concrete Structures

Date Jun. 2015
Place Nagasaki Brick Hall
Attendance 300

3rd UNI Global Union World Congress Nagasaki Prefectural Gymnasium

Date Nov. 2010
Place Nagasaki Prefectural Gymnasium
Attendance 2,500(2,000 persons from 109 counties)