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Nagasaki’s moderate climate means you can enjoy golf all year round.
The history of golf in the area is a very long one. Kyushu’s oldest golf course is located here, along with a large number of prominent courses.
Surrounded on three sides by the sea and with a complex topography, Nagasaki has some of Japan’s most challenging courses, including Japan’s only hole divided by a sea channel.

Ocean Palace Golf Club & Resort

TEL 095-884-1118
FAX 095-884-3855

Nagasaki Resort Island Passage Kinkai

Taking advantage of the natural landscape of this magnificent peninsula, this course offers fairways that will make your tee shot fly, three over-water holes, greens that allow you to feel a pleasant kind of pressure as you make your putt with your back to the sea, and distinctive undulations on the meticulously designed bent greens… At Nagasaki Resort Island Passage Kinkai, you can revel in a course abounding in strategy, a location surrounded by magnificent nature, and the very quintessence of golf play.

TEL 095-884-3990
FAX 095-884-3970

Nomozaki Golf Club

TEL 095-895-3335
FAX 095-895-3370

Ohmurawan Country Club

Surrounded by gentle, forest-covered hills and lakes, with a panoramic view of Ohmura Bay and Nagasaki Airport, Ohmurawan Country Club Old Course is a large, spacious course abounding in natural beauty and rich landscapes. No two holes are alike, requiring a different, high-level strategy for each hole.
Just 20 minutes from Nagasaki Airport, you can enjoy your game with the peace of mind that you will make your flight.

TEL 0957-55-7151
FAX 0957-55-0885

Nagasaki International Golf Club

A tough course separated by beautiful trees, worthy of the description of “prestigious.”
At Nagasaki International Golf Club, one of Kyushu’s finest championship courses, you will enjoy meaningful play every time you hit a shot, every time you go round the course.
Nagasaki International Golf Club, where the blue sky, green trees, wind, and smiles are your partners.

TEL 0957-22-4086-88
FAX 0957-24-1191


Huis Ten Bosch

A leisure resort packed with flowers and events in extensive grounds, a zoo where you can interact directly with many animals, an aquarium with Japan’s best track record for breeding and raising aquatic animals, a botanical garden where you can experience the bright colors of the tropics…some of Nagasaki’s best leisure facilities are featured here.
© Huis Ten Bosch / J-16191)
(* From Nagasaki Tabi-Net)

TEL 0570-064-110

Nagasaki Bio Park

Covering an area of 300,000 square meters, where llamas, hippos, capybaras, wallabies, and squirrel monkeys live in environments that are as close to their natural habitats as possible. Visitors can interact directly with the animals and even feed them.
Nagasaki Bio Park is a nature park where visitors can enjoy a fun, hand-on experience with animals amidst abundant natural surroundings.
The park also features an extensive range of facilities, such as the Flower Dome, which recreates a tropical climate, and the Insectarium, and a rich variety of events for visitors to enjoy.
(* From Nagasaki Tabi-Net)

TEL 0959-27-1090

Nagasaki Penguin Aquarium

A penguin-themed aquarium, where penguins from nine of the world’s 18 species live.
The Nagasaki Penguin Aquarium offers some of Japan’s best exhibits and experiences, based on its excellent track record of breeding and raising penguins. Visitors can see penguins swimming and even pet them and feed them. In a new, world-first “Penguins on the Beach” activity, penguins living at the aquarium are released into an enclosed section of the ocean to swim.
In the Nature Zone outside the aquarium, which re-creates the hilly countryside and natural seascapes of the area, visitors can observe living creatures in a natural environment. Watersports such as kayaking can also be enjoyed.
(*From Nagasaki City website, etc.)

TEL 095-838-3131