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Shimabara Peninsula boasts many onsen hot springs that are the work of long-ago volcanic activity. Unzen Hot Spring, Japan’s first national park, and Obama Onsen, which has the highest water temperature of any hot spring in Japan, are just two of the many hot springs in the area.
There are also many facilities within the city of Nagasaki where visitors can enjoy natural hot springs, including the ones featured below.

Nagasaki Onsen Yasuragi Ioujima

Nagasaki Onsen Yasuragi Ioujima is a resort hotel just 30 minutes by car and 19 minutes by boat from the Nagasaki city center. The natural hot spring, which wells up from 1,180 meters underground, is a little salty. It is pumped continuously into the onsen baths at the resort, with none of the water being recirculated.
The outdoor baths offer a relaxing experience gazing at the beautiful views of the ocean, while indoors, a wide range of baths can be enjoyed, such as cypress baths, charcoal baths, and waterfall showers.
The resort also has rest areas and hot-spring foot baths that can be enjoyed free of charge. It is a spot where visitors can stay and relax to their heart’s content.
(*From official website and Nagasaki Tabi-Net)

TEL 095-898-2202

Unzen Hot Spring

Unzen is an international tourist destination that was one of the first to become popular among Europeans. In 1934, it was designated as Japan’s first national park.
The magnificent mountains show many faces throughout the year – azaleas in spring, rich greens in summer, red leaves in autumn, and frost in winter.
The hot springs town of Unzen Onsen lies at the foot of these beautiful mountains. Divided into three zones, furu-yu (old baths), shin-yu (new baths), and kojigoku (little hell), with facilities ranging from luxury hotels to informal public baths, the town welcomes visitors warmly with its hot springs resort atmosphere.
(*From Nagasaki Tabi-Net)

TEL 095-893-1133