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A variety of foreign cultures came to Nagasaki in years gone by, and that culture and history are still strongly reflected in the town of Nagasaki.
The culture and traditions of Nagasaki are not just for looking at. They can also be experienced hands-on with a variety of programs to make visitors feel closer to this special town.


Nagasaki’ food history is a history of harmony with foreign cultures. Try your hand at making some of the foods that can only be experienced in Nagasaki and then enjoy their wonderful flavor.

Bake a Castella Cake

Learn about the history of Castella, the cake that most represents Nagasaki, then make it for yourself, as a hands-on experience of Nagasaki culture. Take the Castella you have made home with you.

Castella Cake

Nagasaki Gourmet Experience

Make some of Nagasaki’ traditional dishes, such as sara udon (noodles on a plate with various toppings), chanpon (noodles in soup with various toppings), and imoyose (baked sweet potato cake).

Nagasaki Gourmet

Make Nagasaki Chanpon

A professional cooking instructor will teach you how to make authentic chanpon.

Nagasaki Chanpon

Make Kamaboko

Fillet the fish and make your own kamaboko (steamed seasoned fish-paste cake)

Biwa Harvest Experience

Try your hand at harvesting biwa (Japanese loquat).

Traditional Handcrafts

Experience some of the traditional handcrafts that have been born of Nagasaki’ long history.
Create a treasured memory of your stay in Nagasaki with one of these hands-on craft experiences.

Make a Hata Kite

In Nagasaki, kites are called hata, rather than the usual Japanese word, tako. You will glue and stretch Japanese washi paper onto a hata frame that is traditional to Nagasaki.
If you wish, you can also receive instruction on how to fly your own hand-made hata kite.

Hata Kite

Glassblowing Experience

Molten glass is gathered onto the end of a blowpipe and air is blown into it to form a glass vessel. Choose from a tumbler, single-stem vase or large sake cup in a color of your choice.


Glass Painting Experience

Paint a picture on a glass cup, a heart-shaped or star-shaped plate, or a poppen (a glass toy also known as a biidoro, from the Portuguese word for glass, vidro)

Glass Painting

Stained Glass Experience

Wrap copper foil tape around colored glass in a kit, then solder it to complete your own stained glass creation.

Stained Glass

Kaleidoscope Experience

Create your own original kaleidoscope using glass mirrors and colored glass objects.


Fusing (Millefiori Pendant) Experience

Use millefiori glass beads to create your own original pendant.

Traditional Culture

Experience the culture that was imported from China, with which Nagasaki has ancient ties.

Chinese Tea Experience

Learn about the characteristics of Chinese tea, and how to brew it. Try brewing it yourself, then taste several varieties of tea. (Chinese sweet included.)

Erhu Experience

Try playing Twinkle Little Star on the traditional Chinese string instrument, the erhu. Wear Chinese costume as you play to add additional appeal to the experience.



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